Library Access During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Statement on Library Access during the COVID-19/Coronavirus Outbreak
Our patrons and their safety are of great concern to Fairport Harbor Public Library.  Due to the current health concerns caused by the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak, Fairport Harbor Public Library has made some adaptations to our procedures and policies for the duration. 
For the time being, the library will remain open to the public for all regularly scheduled hours.   No events have been canceled and homebound service will continue.   This could change with short notice.  If required by the local authorities, the library will close to the public.  If possible, library staff will remain on-site to continue services as much as they are able by phone, email, and other means.
As the schools will be closed, please remember that children not yet attending high school will not be permitted in the Library unless accompanied by a parent or adult caregiver.  Under no circumstances will a staff member assume responsibility for a child. 
For the time being, all soft toys in our children’s area have been removed, washed, and put in storage.  The hard surface toys will be cleaned as often as possible.  Cleaning wipes or sanitizer are available upon request.
Computer access is usually limited to 30 minutes per person.  Displaced college students, high school students, and adults teleworking may be given priority use of the computers for extended time periods.  Adults may be granted use of the computers in the children’s area if needed. Computers can be cleaned after each use.
The number of people in each area of the library will be limited according to current fire codes.

Please join us in practicing good health habits, at home and at the library.  If you or anyone in your household is ill, or if you have been in contact with someone who is ill, please stay home and call to renew your library materials.  Ask a friend or neighbor pick up your library materials instead of visiting the library.  Any overdue fines will be waived.  When returning materials after illness, please let our staff know so items can be properly disinfected.

If more updates become available from any national or local agency, the library will quickly communicate any relevant information to those in our community.  Please visit our website  for links to information regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). 

Please feel free to call the library with any questions or concerns.
Kara Cervelli, FHPL Director

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