Part-Time Evening Reference Associate

Fairport Harbor Public Library is seeking an innovative and people-oriented person who has experience in direct library reference & information assistance, computer training & device troubleshooting, and in presenting programs to adults and children.

Part-Time: 20 hours per week;  Monday-Thursday afternoon /evening, and Saturday morning with sick leave, vacation, paid holidays, paid breaks, and other benefits.  Salary is $12.75 per hour.

Position Description:  This position requires considerable contact with the public. The Reference Associate will share duties at the reference desk and with the day-to-day operations of the library. This work will include aiding patrons with computer use, device use, information researching, database use, and library library materials selection.  The Reference Associate will assist with computer education classes and may also assist with after-school and evening programming for children ages 0-10 and their caregivers.  This staff person will have the opportunity to become a notary or passport agent.   Afternoon, evening, and Saturday hours currently are needed, but the ability to work a flexible schedule is requested.

Preferred Qualifications: Preferred Qualifications for this position are a  2-year college degree / Associates Degree with good knowledge of research methods and library procedures.  Candidates should have excellent oral and written communication skills and strong computer skills including knowledge of eMedia, software applications, information research, and device troubleshooting.   Experience in tabletop/online gaming, social media, and computer use education is also beneficial.  Candidates should have experience in customer service, working with young children / school age youth / families, and working in an educational setting.   Candidates should have an interest and knowledge in current literature and media for all ages.  Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to pass a criminal background check. 

Candidates should also present an upbeat attitude, have a sense of humor, and place top priority on customer service.  They must have the ability to work collaboratively with others.  Candidates should have an interest in, comfort with, and a genuine desire to serve and engage with children and people of all abilities and backgrounds. 

The position will remain open until filled.   Applications received by Friday, November 4 will be given first consideration.

Full Job Description

Please submit your completed application form, resume, and two letters of reference to:

Kara Cervelli, Director

Fairport Harbor Public Library

335 Vine Street

Fairport Harbor, OH  44077

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