Cake Pan Collection

Cake pans / cookie cutter sets can be borrowed for 3 weeks / 21 days. Borrowers are limited to two cake pans / sets of cookie cutters per check-out.  Pans / cutters must be checked out by an adult on an adult library card in good standing.   Pans / cutters cannot be reserved or renewed.

Pans /cutters must be thoroughly hand-washed in hot soapy water before and after use (DO NOT use dishwasher as it damages the metal).  Rinse and dry thoroughly with soft cloth.  Pans / cutters must be completely dry before being placed in the plastic bag and returned to the library.  A damaged item fee of $2 will be charged for cake pans returned wet or dirty. Late fees will be $1.00 per day / per pan or cutter set.  Loss, damage, or non-return of the pans/cutters will incur a fee of the replacement price of the item.

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