Writing in Circles

Submissions from our tween / teen creative writing group

August 25, 2020

Behind the Locked Door 

By MJ T.

Prompt: A music box is found in an abandoned temple. Describe the box, what is in the box, and the temple.

Stacy R. Lupin, the daughter of the famous Remus Lupin, stumbled across an underground temple… well, not exactly stumbled. It’s more like she fell down a hole. Once she had gotten up, she searched throughout the temple until she found the locked door. She shimmied and jiggled the door lose until it finally pried open. She opened the door only to find a long hallway. 

After she reached the end, she found an old wooden music box. She wound the gears and opened it. It takes a moment but, suddenly, a high-pitched banshee scream sounded. Bearly two seconds later, Stacey passed out. 

August 18, 2020

Earth Elemental

By Ani T.

Prompt:  If you could control one element (fire, water, earth, or air [Plus more! Check the other handout]), which one would you have and what would you use it for? Would you use it for good or bad?

I would control the element plassikinesis, meaning, I can control and manipulate all forms of plastic. This way I could just pick up all the plastic in the ocean, lakes and rivers at the same time; meaning, there would be less pollution in the water and more animals. So, I want my element to be earth so I can help the animals because I love nature; I guess that means I would use my power for good. 

My Quirk

By MJ T.

Prompt:  If you could control one element (fire, water, earth, or air [Plus more! Check the other handout]), which one would you have and what would you use it for? Would you use it for good or bad?

There’s a 0.001% chance to get into a really good high school for heroes. That high school is called U.A. I was able to get into that high school, through studying and using my quirk (or, super power) in a good way. Or, at least that’s what I was told. I think the only reason I got into U.A., was that my quirk, is rare.

    In the back of my head, I am hoping that’s not true. You see, I was born into a family of villains, but we aren’t typical villains, we are good villains. Yes, I know that might sound a little confusing at first, but just stay with me. The good part in us is that my entire family made it to U.A., so we know how to do some good. But once my great-grandpa died, at the hands of a hero, my great-grandma made the switch, she carried on a line of kind villains whom all went to U.A.; but, they all still became villains in the end.

Are you still confused? Let me tell you about… well me, and then we will go further into the story, shall we? My name is Jay Luke Morrison. I’m 16, a dirty blonde, and a bright green-eyed gay kid. I’m 5’8” and I have the power to control the element of darkness. I like a lot of music. I’m a sophomore at U.A.; despite that my family has a reputation for being “good” villains.

On the first day of school this year, we have to show off our quirks again. I look over to one of my friends for some encouragement, he nods his head that I got this. I smile slightly and walk out. My name is announced, and so is my quirk.

I can hear my mom yell, “Yes, that’s my son!”A lot of people laugh at that statement, and I blush slightly.

They send out one of the robots that I have defeated in previous practice battles. This one was a 3 pointer. The count starts and my body strengthens as my mind opens. I let my mind open to any strategy in the 5 seconds I have, and when we hit the 3-second mark, I have it, I let my quirk take over.

“3….2….1!” The crowd yells. Once the crowd yells “1,” I am the first one in the air.

 I animate my shadow to look like its falling, but I’m going higher. I shoot down the robot distracted with its shadow that I animated to be dancing which made everyone laugh, and then I snapped my fingers as I landed on the robot’s head, to get its attention. I smile, but that changed when the robot’s eyes turn red, once that happened my smile dropped into a scared frown. I look around me, everybody is frightened, but it seems not at the robot but at me, half of my body is on fire, not like my muscles are burning, but literal flames.

The other half of my body is frosted, and my shadow, ‘Wait where’s my shadow!’, I thought. I look around frequently, my body hurts, I take my fist and shoot it up as a sign of surrender, but the robot doesn’t power down. Everybody realizes we are all in deep…. I hurry to get off the robot, and I start running towards the gate, everybody is piling out of the stadium, and the guards have the gate open just enough to where I can get out.

‘I’m almost there.’ I tell myself. I have about a yard left till I get to the gate, I keep my eyes focused, and before I knew it, I was blown into the wall next to me, I nearly screamed out in pain. Tears are running down my face, as well as blood. My vision starts blacking out, I can barely see everything, and then like a snap of a finger, I’m unconscious.

                      To Be Continued

August 11, 2020

It Just Depends

By MJ T.

Prompt: Is music important in a person’s daily life? Why or why not? Can one type of music be more important an another? Choose 1 question and voice your opinion!

Is music important in one’s daily life? Maybe – or – maybe not. It depends on the person or their mood. If they are in a good mood, they might listen to bands such as My Family, Maroon 5, and several others. If they are in a bad mood, they might listen to bands like I Wanna Die, Billie Ellish, or Yungblud. Then, if they are neutral, they might listen to AJR, Panic! At the Disco, Nightcore remixes, or anything that fits the vibe. But there are people who don’t like music, or they can’t hear it… so, it really does depend on the person. 

Is Music Important?

By Ani T.

Prompt: Is music important in a person’s daily life? Why or why not? Can one type of music be more important an another? Choose 1 question and voice your opinion!

It depends on the type of music and the type of people. For example, the people that go to church every Sunday; or, the people that try to be there and decide to not go there that day. The first person I mentioned, they will probably listen to country more than pop music… so country is more important to them then other people. Now, for the second type of person, they try to make it to church, like my family. We think both genres are important. Also, there are people that don’t go to church and listen to rock and pop.

So, yes, sometimes music is important– and it can help you concentrate. We all have different tastes in music, so we all see a different level of importance.

August 4, 2020

The Poor Branch

By Ani T.

Prompt: Poet-Tree! Write a short poem about a tree. 

Hello, this is my tree. 

My tree has a lot of leaves. 

One of my branches  

Fell into the sea. 

The sea is blue. 

The sky is too! 

Ice cream Truck

By Miss G 

Prompt: Poet-Tree! Write a short poem about a tree. 

Summer leaves cascade around my feet, 

Urging me to be– 

Anything but stuck in my seat! 

So, I run outside and scream: 

“I want ice cream!”  

July 28, 2020

Rule Book: Because I Said So 

By Caitie M. 

Prompt: You have been selected to be king or queen of your school What are five rules that every kid should follow at your school? What should the punishment be for the rule breakers? 

Disclaimer: ẗ̸̘͎̺͓͚̣́̒̆̈̈̓̕̕ḩ̷̧̞̭̬̙̲̞̂̄̌̉̊͜e̸̛̝͐̇̇̒́̓ ̶̢͙̯͚̜̘͇̰͊͌͆̉h̸̡̡̹̙͚̹̹͆̕o̸̡̳͈̓̔́l̷̨̢̼̰̬͕̟̪̎ͅe̷̞̬̜̯̬̮̿̾͆ reads as “THE HOLE” 

This isn’t any ordinary rule book. This is a weird rule book. Therefore, rules are put into categories: “Teachers,” “Students,” and “Everyone.”  

Rules for Everyone 

  1. If someone has changed their name or pronouns, you must respect it. If you choose not to follow, you will be sent to “ẗ̸̘͎̺͓͚̣́̒̆̈̈̓̕̕ḩ̷̧̞̭̬̙̲̞̂̄̌̉̊͜e̸̛̝͐̇̇̒́̓ ̶̢͙̯͚̜̘͇̰͊͌͆̉h̸̡̡̹̙͚̹̹͆̕o̸̡̳͈̓̔́l̷̨̢̼̰̬͕̟̪̎ͅe̷̞̬̜̯̬̮̿̾͆… it may or may not be filled with rats. 

Rules for Students 

  1. Crocs must always be worn to school. 
  1. Croc tennis shoes are allowed. 

If you fail to follow this rule, you are to only wear croc apparel for a week. 

  1. You must respect all animals and bugs. If you are to kill them, you will be sent into the ẗ̸̘͎̺͓͚̣́̒̆̈̈̓̕̕ḩ̷̧̞̭̬̙̲̞̂̄̌̉̊͜e̸̛̝͐̇̇̒́̓ ̶̢͙̯͚̜̘͇̰͊͌͆̉h̸̡̡̹̙͚̹̹͆̕o̸̡̳͈̓̔́l̷̨̢̼̰̬͕̟̪̎ͅe̷̞̬̜̯̬̮̿̾͆. ẗ̸̘͎̺͓͚̣́̒̆̈̈̕̕Tḩ̷̧̞̭̬̙̲̞̂̄̌̉̊͜e̸̛̝͐̇̇̒́̓ ̶̢͙̯͚̜̘͇̰͊͌͆̉h̸̡̡̹̙͚̹̹͆̕o̸̡̳͈̓̔́l̷̨̢̼̰̬͕̟̪̎ͅe̷̞̬̜̯̬̮̿̾͆ will be filled with whatever being you killed. 
  1. If you waste paint (or any art supplies) on purpose, you will be sent to the ẗ̸̘͎̺͓͚̣́̒̆̈̈̓̕̕ḩ̷̧̞̭̬̙̲̞̂̄̌̉̊͜e̸̛̝͐̇̇̒́̓ ̶̢͙̯͚̜̘͇̰͊͌͆̉h̸̡̡̹̙͚̹̹͆̕o̸̡̳͈̓̔́l̷̨̢̼̰̬͕̟̪̎ͅe̷̞̬̜̯̬̮̿̾͆, which is now filled with paint. 

Rules for Teachers 

  1. You must respect your students—if not—it’s ẗ̸̘͎̺͓͚̣́̒̆̈̈̓̕̕ḩ̷̧̞̭̬̙̲̞̂̄̌̉̊͜e̸̛̝͐̇̇̒́̓ ̶̢͙̯͚̜̘͇̰͊͌͆̉h̸̡̡̹̙͚̹̹͆̕o̸̡̳͈̓̔́l̷̨̢̼̰̬͕̟̪̎ͅe̷̞̬̜̯̬̮̿̾͆ for you! However, this time, ẗ̸̘͎̺͓͚̣́̒̆̈̈̓̕̕ḩ̷̧̞̭̬̙̲̞̂̄̌̉̊͜e̸̛̝͐̇̇̒́̓ ̶̢͙̯͚̜̘͇̰͊͌͆̉h̸̡̡̹̙͚̹̹͆̕o̸̡̳͈̓̔́l̷̨̢̼̰̬͕̟̪̎ͅe̷̞̬̜̯̬̮̿̾͆ is filled with Pride flags. 
  1. If you’re homophobic, you’re fired—and that’s that.  


Because I said so. 

Rule Book 

By MJ T. 

Prompt: You have been selected to be king or queen of your school What are five rules that every kid should follow at your school? What should the punishment be for the rule breakers? 

The 5 rules are very important to the school. We will go in descending order. 

The 5th rule is to never encourage bulling. The punishment for that is 1-hour detention. 

The 4th rule is to never skip class. The punishment? A 2-hour detention.  

The 3rd rule is to never bully someone, or you will go to the principal’s office.  

The 2nd rule is to never deface school property, or it is a week-long suspension for you. 

The 1st and final rule is never, ever make fun of the queen or the punishment will be… death. 

Just kidding! If you disregard the final rule, you will be expelled and then probably killed by your parents. 

July 21, 2020

The Lost Woods

By MJ T. 

Prompt: Introduce us to the character you created last week. Make sure the story has an introduction, a problem, and a conclusion.  

River Ash Woods. A 15-year-old wolf. Who lives in a small town called Riverdale. River is a short, black haired, grey eyed, shy girl. She’s a girl who only trusts her inner circle of friends. 

River and her entire class are going on a field trip to Greendale. Riverdale is the only town ‘supposedly’ to have rivers kind. Human Wolf Hybrids. The mix between a human and wolf. A human has wolf ears and a tail, along with all the senses that a wolf has. 

So, they are going to learn how normal humans go through the day. But there’s a little mishap on the way. Somebody gets lost in the woods. That somebody is River. Let me show you how this happens. 

River and her friend Ashley or Ash which she prefers, are sitting at the back of the school bus. They are talking about what they are going to do in the future, like college and future relationships.   

“So where do you think you are going to go to college?” Ash asks.  

“I don’t think, I’m going to go to college, I might just stay in Riverdale and be a writer like my dad.” River replies.  

“Why? Can’t find a good one… or?” She gasps loudly “Did you not get accepted into any?!” Ash nearly shouts.  

“Keep your voice down! I didn’t even sign up for any cause 1. I can’t afford it, and 2. I don’t need it!” She replies. 

The bus abruptly stops, and everyone is jerked forward holding onto the seat in front of them. The bus driver said they were low on gas, so they had to stop. The teacher said they could explore but don’t go too far. Once everybody got off the bus, River went her own way into the woods. 

Once she gets lost, she starts thinking “I’m screwed.” She closes her eyes trying to remember where she came from when she bumps into Ash.  

“River! Finally, I found you. The bus has been ready for a half an hour.” Ash say frowning.  

“Sorry…” River mumbles looking down. They walk back to the bus, after doing one more head count, they get back on the bus, and drive off to Greendale. 

July 14, 2020

Dialogue Between Remy Leavell & Mavis Greyhorn 

By Charlie B. and Miss Gigi 

Prompt: Dialogue practice! Create a character, pair into groups, and have these two characters have a conversation! 

Mavis conjured Remy on accident while trying to communicate with a dead relative through crystal scrying in the forest. 

Remy (panicked and confused): Where the heck am I?! 

Mavis (shocked): No, no, no—WHO the heck ARE you?! 

Remy: Who are you? Where am I? I have so many questions– 

Mavis: I’m pretty sure I know what happened, so– 

Remy: Okay, no. Hold up and shut up– 

Mavis: What the… NO?! (louder than him in order to quiet him down)  

I summoned you here on… on accident. But, you’re dreaming, so now you can just go back to wherever you came from…? 

Remy: Oh, thank goodness. I knew there was a logical explanation for those. 

Remy closes his eyes and clicks his heels—he saw someone do this in a movie once before so it must work. While Remy has his eyes closed, Mavis secretly undoes the spell and sends Remy back to where he once was. By doing this, Remy opens his eyes and he’s back at home, in his bed. 

Dialogue Between Lilla New and River Ash Woods 

By Sofia C. and MJ T. 

Prompt: Dialogue practice! Create a character, pair into groups, and have these two characters have a conversation

River and Lilla run into each other.   

River (confused): Ow! What the heck was that? 

Lilla (surprised): Ouch! 

River (River, who is half wolf, growls at the new scent): Grr… 

Lilla (backs away confused): Uhm… 

River: I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there. 

Lilla: Oh, it’s alright. My name is Lilla. 

River: I’m River. 

*Time skip to 10 minutes later* 

Both River and Lilla are sitting on the library steps, talking about Twlight: Eclipse.  

Lilla: Aww… That was so romantic. 

River: I mean, I guess it’s cute.  

The conversation ends when the tour guide for the school finds them.  

Text Conversation Between Asher Dawson and Leana Woods 

By Caitie M. and Ani T.  

Prompt: Dialogue practice! Create a character, pair into groups, and have these two characters have a conversation

February 11 at 3:02 AM 

LW2002: Hey Ash. 

D72: Hi!! 

LW2002: You said you’d show me your eyes… 

D72: Yeah… I’ll show you. *Picture Attachment* 

The picture shows that Ash Dawson has heterochromia. 

LW200: That’s awesome! 

D72: Yeah, ig. 

LW2002: I won’t be able to chat until 1 tomorrow. 

D72: Oh, okay. Why? 

LW2002: I’m volunteering at the local vet. 

D72: That’s cool. 

Ash Dawson was left on read at 3:20 AM 

February 11 at 3:30 AM 

D72: u okay? 

Ash Dawson was left on read at 3:35 AM. 

February 11 at 5:30 PM 

D72: Hope you’re good. 

Ash Dawson was left on read at 5:32 PM 

February 11 at 7:00 PM 

D72: ur scaring me. 

Ash Dawson left on read at 7:30 PM. 

February 11 at 9:22 PM 

D72: You’re really scaring me LW… 

LW2002: Hey, sorry. I’ve been busy. 

D72: Oh. Are you okay? 

LW2002: Yeah, I’m fine. 

D72: Are you lying? 

LW2002: Not at all. Why would I lie to you? 

D72: IDK. You don’t seem okay… 

LW2002: I said I’m fine! 

LW2002: Let it go! 

Leana Woods left on read at 10:00 PM 

LW2002: Are you mad? 

Leana Woods left on read at 12:22 AM 

LW2002: I didn’t mean to hurt you if I did. 

Leana Woods left on read at 2:00 AM 

February 12 at 4:05 AM 

D72: What?? 

LW2002: You were worrying me. 

D72: Don’t worry, I’m fine. 

LW2002: Are you really? 

D72: Yeah… 

LW2002: Okay…  

Leana Woods left on read at 4:50 AM. 

July 7, 2020

Sam and Bongo the Elephant 

By Caitlin M. 

Prompt: Use these 5 words in your story—elephant, toothbrush, bongo(s), apple, train 

It was a warm, sunny day. As normal, Sam was awoken by Bongo. Bongo hit Sam with his trunk. Sam sat up and yawned; before getting out of bed, they needed to say their good morning to Bongo. 

“Good morning, Bongo,” They said as they started to walk into the kitchen. 

Since Bongo was young, he was still quite small. Sam grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and put it in Bongo’s mouth. Before Sam could take one bite of their apple, Bongo had already ran outside to grab a mango from the tree. After retrieving his mango, Bongo backed into the house and dropped his mango onto the ground! Still startled, the sound of the train going by didn’t help Bongo’s nerves. Sam came running outside, toothbrush in hand, looking at Bongo, then started to laugh. 


By Ani T. 

Prompt: Use these 5 words in your story—elephant, toothbrush, bongo(s), apple, train 

Hi, my name is Dumbo and I am a calf. So, I’m a baby elephant with ears too big for my body; I get made fun of for it. Let me tell you about myself—I’m a circus elephant; my favorite foods are apples and hay; and I am a girl. Right now, I’m on a train going to the circus. Also, a weird thing happened to my mother and father! I thought it was bad, but they were getting their teeth brushed with something called a “toothbrush.”  

My talent is playing bongos in the circus with my big ears. I have a best friend and he is a mouse. His name is also Bongo. He helps me with bullies. 

All of a sudden the train slammed on the breaks really hard. So hard that we all fell. 

*6 years later* 

Well, apparently, I am now the best circus elephant. Also, my parents died. Me and Bongo live in a tree and we live happy lives. 

Those Typical High School Days

By MJ T.

Prompt: Use these 5 words in your story—elephant, toothbrush, bongo(s), apple, train

    Lola, is a 16-year-old girl with bright green eyes and red hair. She is in 10th grade, and was the only really shy person in her class. Lola is a girl with D.I.D, or Dissociative Identity Disorder. A lot of kids in her class make fun of her for it, or they just stay away from her, because they think they can catch her ‘Disease’. She sees a therapist every week, to help her control these identities. A lot of the times, she brings a mini stuffed elephant with her to school. 

    Every morning before school, she goes into her bathroom, to take her medication, and brush her teeth, with her old toothbrush that she really needs to change. After she finishes brushing her teeth that morning, she gets dressed. That morning Lola decides to wear a white t-shirt, with a denim jacket, and a pair of jeans. 

    She heads downstairs, to the kitchen. When she enters the kitchen, an object hits her in the head. “Ow! What the heck was that?” Lola yells. Her brother Jake, is laughing hard as he is holding an apple in his hand. Lola groans, and she goes to the cabinets to grab the cereal. After she grabs a bowl and the milk, she makes herself a bowl of frosted flakes. 

    After she finishes eating that, she grabs her bag, “Love you all!” Lola yells as she exits the house. Lola hops on her bike, and rides it to the subway station. She locks her bike to the bike racks, and waits for her train. Once her train arrives, she gets on and finds a spot to sit down. After a 30-minute-long train ride, she gets off and walks the 5 minutes to school. 

Once she gets in the school, she meets up with her only friend, Noah. They both head to their lockers, and they grab their English books. After they grab their books, they talk for a little bit until the bell rings. “So, how was the train ride getting here?” Noah asks. “Fine I guess,” says Lola.  

The school bell rings right in the middle of there conversation and Noah groans, “Ugh, why!”.  Lola chuckles and walks to her homeroom class, or English class. She sits by the teacher’s desk, just in case an identity tries to take over. Lola is super smart, not the smartest in her class, but she is pretty smart.  

When her teacher enters, whose name is Mr. Peters, he sits down at his desk to get papers set up, to hand out to everyone. Our last assignment was to write a short story. A boy next to Lola is drumming his fingers on his desk like bongos. It’s kind of annoys Lola, but she’s gotten used to it.  

Mr. Peters starts handing out the papers, and Lola gets the first paper since she is right next to him. Lola looks down at the papers, and sees that she got an A or a 100%. Lola smiles, getting really excited. Her feet jump up and down excitedly. Mr. Peters smiles at her to calm down. Lola smiles back, and stops her legs from bouncing as Mr. Peters sends out the other papers. You hear groans here and there, cause some people got some bad grades.  

Other than that, everybody was happy with there grades. “Ok class the assignment this week, is going to be…. To write an essay on you favorite tv show or movie when you were younger, or little. It maybe still your favorite now it doesn’t matter.” Mr. Peters says. They start working on that, until class is over. Lola goes through the normal day of avoiding the older students, and eating lunch alone with Noah. 

Once school is completely over, Lola’s mom picks her up to take her to her therapist appointment. As normal they go over the triggers and how to control them, sometimes her therapist Mrs. Riley set out triggers to see if Lola can control it. At the end of the session, Lola gets a sweet, and gets picked back up by her mom, and then they go home.  

                                                                             The End 

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