Curbside Pickup

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Call the library during service hours (440-251-8576) 12 – 4 pm OR email us anytime at please include your name and phone number in your email. (Please use this number as our library phones are going directly to voicemail.)
  2. Tell us what you want.  Please know that we will do our best to fill specific requests but if we do not have them we will come close. 
  3. When you call we will give you a time to pick up the material.
  4. We will pull the material from the shelves.  It will be wiped off with approved sanitizing agent and set aside in a cardboard box.
  5. Arrive at the library and call us to let us know you are there. Please bring your own bag!
  6. All pickups will be on the ground floor at the elevator entrance – outside unless it is raining and then just inside the door. 
  7. Materials will be sitting on a table in a box under the portico with your name on them. Please do not take the box! Remove your materials and put them in the bag you brought. Leave your returns on the table.
  8. Returns will be taken inside, sanitized and allowed to sit for a minimum of 24 hours before being returned to the shelf for circulation.
  9. If you see someone at the table, please wait to get out of your car.  One person at a time at the table.  The table will be sanitized after each pick up.
  10. Parents, we miss the kids  – a lot – but please do not send them to pick up material.  They can’t hang around and play right now.  Patrons – we miss you and I swear when this is over we are going to schedule a Saturday afternoon to catch up and talk.  For right now please just pick up your material and go – for everyone’s safety.

We are taking every precaution we know how to take.  We are wearing gloves.  If you have any questions call us and ask.  We are new to this too so this protocol could change tomorrow.

Stay healthy. Wash your hands.  We miss you and will wave from the windows!

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