Friends of the Library

Fairport Harbor Friends of the Library Application Form (to print)

The members of The Fairport Harbor Friends of the Library are strong supporters of the library and we are hoping that you will consider joining and participating in this group. The Fairport Harbor Library is a vital part of our community, providing resources that all in the village can use and enjoy. The friends group can help this valuable asset by providing funds for programs and resources that the regular library budget cannot provide.

We welcome new members at any time. Please print and fill out the membership form and drop it in the mail or return it to the library circulation desk. Membership forms are available at the library or a printable form is available here.

Contact Friends at
or call the Library (440) 354-8191 and leave message for call back.

Vine & Prospect LFL overlooking the Lake

The Friends of the Library have placed 3 Little Free Libraries in Fairport Harbor over the past few years. These small libraries are available for all to “take a book, share a book” at all times. The LFL steward makes sure that the Little Library is supplied with a variety of books and that the structure is maintained. You can help by sharing books you no longer want to own; especially children’s and youth books. Visit one today at the corner of Vine & Prospect, 630 Plum St., or 113 2nd St.

The Friends of the Library are again accepting donations of materials for the book sale. They can be dropped off at the library. Donations must be very clean and gently used.


  • President- Melanie Zavrl
  • Vice-President –
  • Secretary –
  • Treasurer – Jim Balog

Meetings : Announced on the library calendar

Choose “Fairport Harbor Friends of the Library” when you shop at and support the library at no extra cost to you!

The Friends of the Library have reusable book bags for sale in the library. They make great gifts and your purchase not only helps the library, but it also helps the environment too!

The Friends also have Fairport Harbor picture note cards for sale at $5.00 for a pack of 4 at the Library.

Recent Donations to Support Fairport Harbor Public Library:

  • Park Bench for reading in the children’s area
  • New Computer for Fiscal Officer
  • Laptop and webcam for Children’s/Youth Services department virtual programming
  • Renewed American Library Association membership
  • Repaired and repainted the outdoor Library dropbox
  • Paid for OhioNet membership
  • Renewed BookPage subscription for staff and patrons
Fairport Harbor Friends of the Library install Little Free Libraries around the village

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