Child Visitors to the Library

Children, and their safety, are of great concern to Fairport Harbor Public Library. The library staff tries very hard to ensure that you and your children have a fun and pleasant time while visiting the library. 

Please Read this before sending your child or students to the library unattended. Thank you.

If a child wishes to visit the library or needs to use library resources parents, guardians, and caregivers must follow these library guidelines: 

  1. Children attending high school/ages 14+  are permitted in the Library without adult supervision and are expected to abide by the same behavior guidelines as adults. 
  2. Children in junior high school/ages 10-13  are permitted in the library on their own with a signed permission slip.  Without a permission slip, children of this age must be accompanied by an adult caregiver (age 16+) or will not be admitted into the building. 
  • Permission slips are available in the library and on the library website
  • Permissions slips will be turned in to a library staff member upon entry. 
  • A new permission slip must be used for each visit, even if the same day. 
  • Children who leave the library for an extended period of time will need another
    permission slip to reenter the building. 
  • Permission slips are kept confidential, are not retained, and are destroyed
    at the end of each day. 

3. Children not yet in junior high school/ages 0-9 are only permitted in the library with a caregiver (age 16 or older).  Caregivers must remain in the building at all times.  Unattended children will not be admitted into the building. 

Parents, guardians, and caregivers need to remember that the library is a public place that welcomes customers of all ages.  Library staff  cannot prevent children from interacting with persons whose interest in children is not entirely wholesome. 

Library staff cannot be responsible for overseeing children while they visit the library with a guardian or on their own.  The library staff cannot monitor children when they enter or leave the library building.   Staff cannot verify is a child is in the building or on the grounds. 

Parents, guardians, and caregivers, not library staff, are responsible for the behavior and supervision of their children in the library. 

Fairport Harbor Public Library understands that children need to be in a safe, supervised place when they are not in school.   However, the library is not a childcare facility and parents, guardians, and caregivers should make appropriate alternate plans for their children’s care when they are not in school.  

Children visiting the library during the school day must be accompanied by a teacher or have an appropriate permission slip.  

Children attending a library program must be attended by a guardian or caregiver until the program begins.  Children should arrive no more than 10 minutes before the start time and must be picked up no more than 10 minutes after the program ends.  The above listed age guidelines apply.  

Children violating any library behavior policy will incur whatever consequences the library staff deem appropriate including but not limited to being asked to leave the library immediately or being unable to visit the library or attend library programs for a specified length of time.   

If parents cannot be located, the library staff will call the police. A staff member will remain with the child until authorities arrive. Under no circumstances will a staff member drive a child home. 

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